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Our Story

In October 2019 the land where Dragon Glass Winery now sits in Madison, NC was purchased from Stokes County with the ambition of turning the 20-acre property into a rustic tasting room, vineyard, and wedding venue. Our tasting room officially opened in May of 2022!

Our Mission

The mission of Dragon Glass Winery is to create a place where folks can gather to enjoy our locally sourced and produced muscadine wines and enjoy entertainment and foods from local vendors and talents.

The Future

Now that the land has been successfully cleared and our beloved tasting room, outdoor covered venue, and vineyard are well-established, we are excitedly preparing to expand the vineyard. As we expand, we will continue to ensure the highest industry standard for our grapes. Every vine and individual grape is lovingly tended from the start of the growing season until they are harvested at peak ripeness to create the very best Muscadine white and red wines for our guests to enjoy!

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