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Join us for a Wine Tasting

Indulge your tastebuds with our six beautifully crafted wines made from Carlos, Magnolia, and Noble grapes.

Our Wines

Red Wines:

Dragons Kiss: Intriguing bold flavor of dark cherry, blueberry, and blackberry finishing with a smooth velvety texture. This red wine features the Noble grape at its best.

Somewhere Tonight: The intense fruitiness of this enticing wine made of Carlos and Noble grapes will create a lasting impression on the palate.

Top of the Hill: A classic southern red Muscadine wine. Rich, warm, and generous with flavors of cherry, blackberry, and damsons.

White Wines:

Humble Request: a full-bodied semi-sweet white Muscadine wine that captures the essence of the Carlos grape itself.

Images: A classic white Muscadine wine. The intense Carlos varietal character is brilliantly expressed by the unique winemaking process.

Pay Day: A sweet white blend of Carlos and Magnolia grapes that will awaken your senses with the rich aromatics of Muscadine.

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